Insomnia from Parasite Cleanse: Reasons and Remedies

Parasites are a menace. Period. They have to go. Especially I you plan to reduce your total body burden, relieve your liver and give your gut a chance to heal. Our quality sleep depends on it.

What surprised me the most is that I had no classic parasitic symptoms. I merely went by the theory that an immuno-compromised body with stagnant liver is a swamp ripe with conditions for critters to thrive. And as we know from nature, where conditions a right microorganism will come to take advantage of it.

Bottom line, I started cleansing and they came out. Nasty. Gross. About finger length slimy creatures just like in the photos next to their wiki page. I’ll spare you from the images. Not everyone can stomach them.

My initial protocol consisted of: Mimosa Pudica seeds + black walnut hull, wormwood, thyme leaf, cascara sagrada bark, cinnamon bark, and quassia wood extracts. I started slow and gentle. Mimosa Pudica on its own was the easiest to tolerate while the rest of the stuff was pretty rough on the liver but I managed. The two worms that I actually saw was when I did a liver flush and they were simply there in a strainer. Who knows how many (if any) I could have passed before.

All was pretty well a few days after but then I became very gassy. No matter what I ate flatulence was consistent and persistent, as if the food itself made no difference. Then my old symptoms started creeping in: [continue reading…]


Liver Gallbladder Flush That Makes Me Happy!

If you have not done liver-gallbladder flushing this is something very worth to get educated about. I got tired of hearing all the ranting and had to do it myself but I quickly learned that I had to work around a few food sensitivities which were preventing me to have a smooth experience. This video is about how I worked around the issues and added liver flushing to my overall healing strategy.  Watch the video below and let me know about your experiences in the comments. [continue reading…]


Decoding the Mystery of B12 Side Effects and Insomnia

One of the most annoying issues on my healing journey has been paradoxical reaction to B12 vitamin. As I later learned, many of us experience various side effects that initially starts as a welcome boost in energy but then quickly  gets ugly and morph into mood swings (especially anger), anxiety, fatigue, racing heart (tachycardia), mania and insomnia. If this happens to you too then welcome to the club of B12 madness!

Let’s take a deep dive into the intriguing nature of B12 and its potential side effects. Let’s get to the bottom of this!

Potential Reasons Behind B12 Side Effects:

After scouring various sources and opinions here are most common reasons:

Intrinsic Factors:

Some people may have stomach issues or intrinsic factor problems, which hinder the proper absorption of B12. When your body doesn’t absorb B12 efficiently, it could lead to a deficiency, resulting in mood disturbances. Once your body adjusts to low B12 levels any sudden large dose literally freaks out all related processes.


According to Dr. William Walsh, approximately 9% of people are overmethylators. When these individuals take methyl-B12 (Methylcobalamin), it might lead to an imbalance in neurotransmitters, causing anxiety and other symptoms. B12 is said to cause norepinephrine to be converted to adrenaline. There’s an unimaginable number of people who got hurt by taking a Methylcobalamin form of B12. Please be very careful. If you react to methylcobalamin you may also react to Methylfolate as both of them are the so called “methyl donors.” The forms that do not have methyl donors are hydroxocobalamin and adenosylcobalamin.

Additionally, some of us with high externally or internal stress levels could have low levels of some neurotransmitters like tryptophan, serotonin and norepinephrine which can make us even more reactive.

Mineral Depletion:

B12 stimulates red blood cell production, which requires a variety of minerals, including iron, copper, glutathione, and potassium. If an influx [continue reading…]


Castor Oil Liver Pack Side Effects and Ways to Avoid Them

Whether you are thinking about trying Castor Oil Pack or have already developed a reaction and are looking for answers you found the right video.

If you saw my previous experiment, you know that I was hit with poor sleep, early wakings, rib pain and shortness of breath. My mother and friend developed some alarming symptoms too that I will discuss shortly.

So it made me question as to how this could have happened? And I quickly discovered that this powerful remedy is not as innocent as everyone claims to be and must me approached with some humble respect.  Because if we develop a nasty reaction we might get scared and miss out on potential benefits down the road.

It is said that even small amount of poison can be [continue reading…]


My Experiment With Castor Oil Liver Pack for Sleep


Drainage, Detox, Herx Explained in a Simple Way

Our capacity to drain and detox plays a crucial role in insomnia and various sleep disturbance conditions. The better we understand the mechanism, the better we can address the underlying cause.

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Glycine, L-Glutamine and Ammonia: Welcome to Insomnia Hell!

Have you taken Glycine or L-Glutamine and are unable to sleep? Insomnia lasting several days, even weeks?  These two amino acids have several functions in our body, and it is very difficult to guess as to how they trigger negative reactions but as insomniacs we should always suspect ammonia.

Usually it starts as a nice relaxing feeling, making one very sleepy, luring  into a sweet illusion that one finally found something very divine for sleep. With time the feeling slowly morphs into shallow stimulation, agitation, head buzzing and restlessness. The real crap hits the fan when you hit the pillows… Instead of yawning, winding down and getting sleepy you realize that you are wide awake. The night turns into death by thousand cuts and this seems to last several days and nights. Angry, agitated and upset you unleash the internet. With a slight luck of correct keywords hopefully you land here…

First of all, please relax and rest assured that many insomniacs make this mistake. Yours truly, did it too. Several times!  In this article I will briefly explain what can cause ammonia build up and how to lower it effectively. So here’s the lowdown… [continue reading…]


Melatonin: Dosage, Timing and De-stressing for Better Sleep

When do you take melatonin? What dosage? Micro dose or mega dose? What if I told you that 99% of people do it wrong? An interview with Ken Obi about his findings on biohacking melatonin dosing, timing, EMFs, importance of de-stressing prior to bed time.

Microdosing from Nicotine to Melatonin – Brain Society


OSR NBMI Heavy Metal Chelator Review and One Year Impressions

First of all – I made it and I ‘m still here chelating with OSR. Here’s my one year review but in reality it has been almost two years because I took lots of breaks. You can skim through the text because it has updates but I recommend watching a video (at the end of this article) where I explain everything in detail and show demonstrate the process.

What I like about it:

  • Improvement in symptoms: insomnia is not an issue, some nights really deep sleep, like during the good times. Fatigue levels are at a level where I’m able to function pretty well entire day. Able to eat more foods. Feel lighter and in better mood overall. My symptom management has improved with lots of experimentation.
  • Steady growth in dosage. I dose once a week because it takes this long for it to clear and for all symptoms to subside. Meanwhile, I have to stay productive.
  • I am able to double the dose within a month or two. I have worked out a great dosing system for myself (see how I mix and dose it in the video)
  • You take it and forget it for a few days – very easy (not like ACC)
  • It is still very slow going but much more manageable
  • Inventor is still alive – explains the science, and trials
  • Cheap and lasts long with small doses

What I don’t like about it:

  • What hasn’t improved: food sensitivities, exercise tolerance, liver stagnation, sensitive pancreas.
  • Very fragile lower back…
  • All food sensitivities get worse because it is extra stress on the liver pathways, even with the right supplements. OSR is a compounder for the liver load. Salicylates, histamine, glutamate, oxalates…
  • Fatigued, lethargic, brain fogged for at least two days.
  • Still feeling like being a part of an experiment. I mean this is cutting edge, not really approved for use with people yet.
  • Difficult to get.
  • Gets expensive with large doses

[continue reading…]


ACC (Andy Cutler) Mercury Chelation Protocol Honest Review After 3 years

I followed ACC protocol for three years.  Got up to 200 ALA per dose and 20 mg DMPS, did very little DMSA. This is a long review of my progress, frustrations and set backs.

Eventually I hit a brick wall.  Didn’t get worse than before I got started but I certainly regressed to fatigue and exhaustion. Tried considerably lower doses but with same result.

Going to tell you the good things and the bad things, but first here’s a bit about my experience: [continue reading…]