Important Resources

This is a list of articles and resources that made a huge difference for me in understanding mercury toxicity and safe chelation:


It’s All in Your Head: The Link Between Mercury, Amalgams, and Illness – The book that finally convinced me that I was mercury toxic and inspired me to remove my amalgam fillings.

The Mercury Detoxification Manual A Guide to Mercury Chelation – if you are going going to do the only safe chelation method known today this is a bible on how to cure mercury poisoning by Rebecca Rust Lee and Andrew Hall Cutler, PhD, PE.


Heavy Metal Chelation Group on FB – open minded and open discussion group that mostly focuses on OSR/NBMI complex.

Mercury Chelation – if you are not on facebook, here is another group hosted on MeWe platform, run by a very helpful admin.

Andy Cutler Mercury Chelation Facebook group – I no longer recommend ACC but the group itself is a treasure trove of collective wisdom and support.


The Interwoven Global Epidemics of Mercury Toxicity and Autism

Mercury Toxicity and Neurodegenerative Effects

Chelation: Harnessing and Enhancing Heavy Metal Detoxification—A Review

Is Challenge Testing Valid for Assessing Body Metal Burden? – Explains why you should AVOID a challenge/provoked urine test.

Natural and Synthetic Neurotoxins in Our Environment: From Alzheimer’s Disease (AD) to Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) – Explains why some people get toxic, while others don’t (look for info under Human Biochemical Individuality)


Complicated but insanely helpful video to understand our liver problems and biochemistry of toxicity. He clearly explains the biggest factors of liver inflammation and our detox complications. As you see in this image, this is why for someone with bile duct obstruction a liver flush will work wonders and for others it does nothing or makes things worse. And I bet adding all that knowledge about bile, mast cells and inflammation can help us tolerate OSR better and recover faster. One of the key takeaways for me was also: Inflammation deactivates our detox pathways. (I bet this is the reason for us microdosers). Also, DIM unblocks NRF2 pathway from genetic blockages and the role of AMPK and fasting (his patients who fasted got rid of mercury faster). And holy moly – CBD is awesome! I’ve been using it too along with OSR and it does reduce reactivity. He explains how and why. Oh, and amigos… most of our experiments with individual supplements fail because we do not understand this entire process and the order of the way it all works. This is why it is so awesome to see this research finally reach the light of day.

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