OSR NBMI Heavy Metal Chelator Review and One Year Impressions

First of all – I made it and I ‘m still here chelating with OSR. Here’s my one year review but in reality it has been almost two years because I took lots of breaks. You can skim through the text because it has updates but I recommend watching a video (at the end of this article) where I explain everything in detail and show demonstrate the process.

What I like about it:

  • Improvement in symptoms: insomnia is not an issue, some nights really deep sleep, like during the good times. Fatigue levels are at a level where I’m able to function pretty well entire day. Able to eat more foods. Feel lighter and in better mood overall. My symptom management has improved with lots of experimentation.
  • Steady growth in dosage. I dose once a week because it takes this long for it to clear and for all symptoms to subside. Meanwhile, I have to stay productive.
  • I am able to double the dose within a month or two. I have worked out a great dosing system for myself (see how I mix and dose it in the video)
  • You take it and forget it for a few days – very easy (not like ACC)
  • It is still very slow going but much more manageable
  • Inventor is still alive – explains the science, and trials
  • Cheap and lasts long with small doses

What I don’t like about it:

  • What hasn’t improved: food sensitivities, exercise tolerance, liver stagnation, sensitive pancreas.
  • Very fragile lower back…
  • All food sensitivities get worse because it is extra stress on the liver pathways, even with the right supplements. OSR is a compounder for the liver load. Salicylates, histamine, glutamate, oxalates…
  • Fatigued, lethargic, brain fogged for at least two days.
  • Still feeling like being a part of an experiment. I mean this is cutting edge, not really approved for use with people yet.
  • Difficult to get.
  • Gets expensive with large doses

OSR/MBMO Chelation Co-Factors

Proper ways to support myself on OSR was crucial to minimize discomfort and fatigue afterwards. These are some supplements and regiments that I am using.

  • B6 for CBS
  • Benfotiamine B1 for adrenals
  • CHARCOAL the night after the OSR dosing
  • TRIPHALA – digestion and liver, candida, SIBO
  • LIVER: Bupleurum & Peony, Cyperus, Milk Thistle, Roasted Dandelion Root Coffee
  • ANTIOXIDANTS: Vit C (switched to natural), CBD, Astaxantin

Advice Based on My Experience

Whether you are about to start or have been using it here is what you need to know:

Your detox pathways are functioning well: you’re going to the toilet once a day, your bile works well (stool indications), liver and kidney function decently, eating clean food, clean air, clean water.

You start with very small doses.  Have to find your rhythm with it. I took lots of breaks. Sometimes a month or more.

You learn how to support yourself – correct supplements. Not too much to overwhelm your detox pathways even more) Many mistakes here. The better you support yourself the less damage you cause, you recover faster and able to take the next dose.

The way my body processes OSR-NBMI has changed. I used to get brain fogged and depressed and very sleepy the first day. Now the first day feels pretty good, I have good energy that day and then fatigue sets in the next day.

What hasn’t changed is those first two nights where sleep takes a big hit and I take a small amount of benzodiazepine to sedate that reaction and sleep better.

Also this is why I like to take it in the morning so I have time to deal with the first reaction and allow things to subside by the bed time… also feel like there’s additional fiber to bind with, you are hydrating and peeing it out and taking supplements that allow things to process it better.

Stresses the body and makes one edgy so very important good care of nervous systems and lot of TLC – qigong, good food, warm baths, massages…

Most of the studies were done on rats. Those of us who take it are part of the live laboratory.

My biggest concern… Inventor talks about safety but doesn’t talk much about adverse reactions and there are numerous.

Research NBMI-OSR this before taking it!

Final Advice

If you have been accumulating toxins for years chelation can take years too. Progress is measured not over the months but over years. Sometimes you go frustrated feeling like nothing is happening but then you go back a year and realize that you’ve improved quite a bit.

This year I’m taking extra time to learn everything about drainage pathways, liver, bile, kidney… anything I can do to allow this protocol to work better and faster. Will keep you posted.

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  • Julie Scarsbrook Jul 26, 2023 Link Reply

    Hi Tades, thanks for your really helpful videos. I am about to start taking OSR. I live in the UK. I am going to start with 3mg and apply topically like you did. How much oil do you think I need to dilute 3 mgs? Thanks. Julie.

    • insomniacnextdoor Jul 26, 2023 Link Reply

      Hi Julie, there’s no real science to it, more like a convenient way for you to keep track of dosages and responses till you find your rhythm. You can try like half a dropper bottle of oil and make a note somewhere of the overall quantity and drops you use. Good luck and keep in touch! 😉

  • John Apr 14, 2024 Link Reply

    I have done about 1 year at ~300mg. 2
    Times per day.
    If you have never done the Hulda Clark Gallbladder Flush Protocol, I highly suggest it. It will help you. I would
    Suggest 2 flush in 2 months. Your lower back should will feel better also.

    • insomniacnextdoor Jul 7, 2024 Link Reply

      Thank you for this good advice. I’ve done about 10 liver flushes by now, I think they are very beneficial and compliment any detox strategy.

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