MegaSporeBiotic (Soil Based Biotic) Review for Insomnia and Gut Function – WARNING!

It is safe to say that Megasporebiotic has caused major relapse of old symptoms like insomnia and serious gut issues. This was an absolute shock to me and caused me a tremendous amount of suffering. This was an experiment gone really bad!

In this video I review this “highly praised” soil based biotic product and detail my experiment with day by day developments. Below this video are my further observations and updates which I encourage you to read to get the full picture.

I really should have listened to the folks in the comments on the FixYourGut site but it was too late. By the time I had found those negative reviews my MegaSporeBiotic was already on the way and I was determined to try it anyways.

As you learned from my video I initially had a very positive reaction and remained hopeful. Better, faster digestion, noticeable improvement in appetite, less fatigue coming from my abdomen all cheered me on to continue. But just a couple of weeks later it was already stressing my heart causing palpitations, feeling hot and stressed at night, poor mood, and increased brain fog. Insomnia was slowly creeping in and then hit really hard.

Worst part was is that it is taking me what seems like forever to recover my previous state of sleep and gut function. Things are just not right. I’m fighting a constant constipation, intestinal pressure and discomfort.

Ultimately, my major questions would be:

What can possibly in a soil based biotic like MegaSpore cause such massive sleep issues?

What can possibly cause such an intense stress on the body that it would stress the heart and the nervous system?

One clue I got by total chance was when I ate some fermented cucumbers and right away felt more relaxed and sleepy in the middle of the day. What’s going on here? Recently, I started sleeping better when I started taking a non histamine forming strain probiotic. Are these just coincidences? Do regular probiotics somehow balance out the Sporebiotic? Could soil based organisms have reduced other good guys in the gut? Perhaps I’ll never know.

Update 1: FIVE weeks after I stopped taking Megasporebiotic I’m slowly starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I’m also doing anything I can to try and calm down my immune system which could be freaking out because of possible Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS). I’m taking various supplements to try and calm mast cells. These include black seed oil, flax seed oil, Quercetin, experimenting with non histamine forming probiotics, supporting my liver with Calcium D-Glucarate, milk thistle and hoping to address potential gut toxins with bentonite clay.

Update 2: SIX weeks after I am finally able to sleep most of the night and reduce my antihistamine dose. I am not out of the woods and progress can be felt by weeks, not days. Perhaps something is working from my supplement regiment as well.

Update 3: SEVEN weeks and I spoke too soon. Had a major episode of activation, probably post a meal out in town where I ate some corn flour pancakes. Again, reaction to common mast cell triggers makes me think this is a MCAS issue.  This week I learned to manage this condition better after I learned that MCAS responds well to Benzodiazepines. I tested it and lone and behold – symptoms gone. Then I remembered that CBD oil can be a good substitute for benzos. Dosing twice per day and it seems to be working! Still need an anti-histamine to have a decent night’s sleep but only half a pill.

Update 4: EIGHT weeks: This week I was finally able to get a few nights of sleep without the antihistamine and benzos. I had to take it very easy with histamine food. My digestion too normalized. My best bet today that Megasporebiotic made my pre-exisiting MCAS issue much worse. If it was wasn’t for the MCAS perhaps I would have had a different experience.

The Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel concluded that probiotics don’t work for almost half of the population. They come in and come out the other end – they don’t stick around. They found that the probiotic benefits were highly dependent on the individual. This means the concept that everyone can benefit from a universal probiotic bought from the supermarket is utterly false! But I would like to leave you with a fun clue. This comes from a shaman Alberto Villoldo who actually claims that probiotics are smart. “The mind of the planet is bacterial. They’ve been here for two thousand million years and they speak to each other. So he says you have to take your probiotics and you have to talk to them. You apologize for all the harm you did to the earth and promise to take care of it, nurture it, and heal it. Ask the probiotics to heal you too, to help you. If probiotics feel that you are part of the solution on earth then they will help you.”  (You can watch this portion on this video if you wind forward to 54:35 min mark). As wild as it sounds I’ll try it! 🙂

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  • florinza Mar 7, 2022 Link Reply

    In 2019, I was already sick. What made me worse was taking safflower oil and protein powder as directed by this quack MD doc.

    The safflower oil plugged up my liver and caused me to not make hormones anymore (liver is associated with hormone metabolism).

    The protein powder caused my kidneys to stop working – and within a few months I saw calculi on the Ultrasound.

    From these 2 things, I noticed very soon after that
    1. I was sweating very easily. I would get extremely hot! I would sweat at a drop of a pin.
    BUT I could not stand wind – aversion to wind which I still have until today.

    2. My hormones were messed up and I had the worst periods after this.

    3. Just messing with the liver like that causes your bile to not be created or released by the liver and therefore the gut bacteria went into full dysbiosis mode.
    In fact, my body started to have stealth infections everywhere.
    Found out I had a UTI – they treated it with antibiotics. I felt 80% better after the antibiotics.

    However, I then took probiotics after the antibiotics to “replenish” the good bacteria. WRONG! The probiotics threw me into mast cell activation emergency. My liver went into like a hepatitis state.

    The probiotics in 2019, in addition to the safflower oil that clogged up my liver and protein powder that clogged up my kidneys, have worsened my health entirely. I am no where near before starting all these in 2019.
    (I responded to this post because never will I take probiotics again)

    I still sweat easily in the daytime and sometimes at night.

    It seems like liver is at play here. I definitely have liver chi stagnation. But for some reason, I don’t do well on chai hu. Certain herbs like chai hu and other herbs like chi enhancing herbs make me have liver yang rising.

    What the hll is going on here?!

    would love to hear your insights.

    • insomniacnextdoor Mar 18, 2022 Link Reply

      Oh my… I have a very similar pattern. Found out I am mercury toxic and have to chelate, this is what has been improving my sleep, detoxing the liver, opening methyl pathways and so on. Also, QiGong practice helps a lot. I wrote about it here on this blog. Hang in there, this is tough.

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