Heavy Metal Detox Mistakes

This video was inspired by some personal regrets and catastrophic stories I had heard from the heavy metals detox community. If you are considering detoxing from heavy metals, especially mercury (because of amalgam fillings, fish consumption or any other source) you must watch this video and avoid these painful, sometimes even faithful mistakes.

In this video I’ll share science as to why some people get toxic and why some don’t, discuss wrong protocols, wrong detox agents, DMPS challenge test, supplements, food sensitivities and much more.


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  • Kathy Allred May 11, 2023 Link Reply

    Kinda crazy that I came across your website today as I just received my DMSA&ALA today also.. so now I’m not sure about going forward with the ACC protocol.. my main concern was not using a binder as I feel that is very important to not redistribute mercury.
    What binder would you suggest and would I take it between 12and3am? I’m am following up with more information on this ORS also.
    Thanks Kathy

    • insomniacnextdoor May 12, 2023 Link Reply

      Hi Kathy, I have a drawer full of those chelators too 🙂 Have you seen a recent video I did about ACC protocol experiences? Feel free to try if you feel like you have done enough homework. Most people get into trouble either immediately of long term but if the initial reactions are somewhat manageable than it might be worth experimenting but it would be a good idea to stay away from ALA for as long as possible as it is known to carry mercury into the brain, that is why ACC recommends starting with D chelators for a while. If you take DMSA binders would be better in between doses. Safest one for me is activated charcoal or silica based Esterosgel. Bentonite clay works too but not as good as charcoal. Good luck and stay in touch, it’s a long road! 🙂
      ACC video review: https://youtu.be/cCMFKtdPP6c

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