Two Year Mercury Detox Progress Report

The year has whizzed by fast but improvements are rather shallow from my previous one year report. It seems like at least half of the year I was at the peak of the dump phase. At times I was not only struggling to cope with rounds but also felt like sliding backwards.  Even now I’m not sure the dump is over.

I’ve done 84 rounds in total by now. A year ago I was at these chelator doses:  12.5 DMPS/50 ALA. Now I’m at 12.5 DMPS (can handle more but with more symptoms) and 75 ALA.  25 mg seems like a miserable increase in one year. Also need to note that my overall tolerance of DMPS has not increased.

Another year of numerous supplement experiments and numerous failures. I think from now on I’m done with experimenting with new stuff. I’d rather have humble gains than setbacks due to my attempts to make things “go faster.”


  • Sleep is getting deeper and better. A number of nights of sleeping through the night are still rear but increasing.
  • Energy levels are at a point where I’m able to do longer hikes and can manage moderate exercise without feeling the effects the next day.
  • Alcohol tolerance. I’m not a big party guy but sometimes I’m unable to avoid booze because the nature of my work demands of me to be social and blend in. The few times I stayed up late and had some cocktails I managed to enjoy myself and it didn’t take long to recover afterwards. Funny as this sounds, partying tolerance seems to be an excellent gauge to asses my resilience to environmental stressors.
  • Overall body temperature control improved with chaga. Chaga also helps with bile and keeping things running smoothly with digestion.
  • Mood and overall outlook: definitely feeling more upbeat, uplifted and connected but this is due to a lot of work and time devoted to this direction in life. Lots of time spent in nature, QiGong practice, shamans, and new friends that a are more aligned with my current lifestyle. Just really took the time to heal the traumas from this whole ordeal. As Buddhists say – Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional.

Not budging

  • Thiol sensitivity – molybdenum is somewhat helpful but causes additional symptoms so I don’t use it. Symptoms: fatigue, brain fog, depressed mood, low appetite.
  • Food sensitivities like all thiol foods, dairy and gluten. Because of these limitations my diet stayed relatively the same. Honestly, most of the things I don’t even miss anymore.
  • Most of the time I still wake up around 1 or 2 am hot and thirsty.
  • Bed time chills – still can’t figure out whether this is a CNS, adrenal, thyroid issue or most likely – a combination.  I could manage this so much better with Chinese herbs if it wasn’t for the thiol sensitivity.
  • Key supplement intolerance – milk thistle, ACE, Vitamin C.


  • Glutamate and histamine sensitivity. There is this distinct but subtle stimulation that I feel in my brain that effects my sleep. Have to be extremely vigilant about glutamate in my food and any supplements that compound this effect.
  • Seems like Magnesium Citrate is adding to glutamate load (checked with manufacturer – they use citric acid from corn).
  • Vitamin D intolerance – feel better from it but get too stimulated to sleep. This is a mystery right now.
  • Unable to do Level 2 Qigong practice because it increases my evening chills (this is more of a self note; to most of you this will not make sense).


There seems to be three major bottle necks for a more effective chelation process:

  1. Intolerance of adrenal support supplements;
  2. Thiol sensitivity prevents me from taking more effective supplements from Chinese medicine;
  3. Evening chills (that keep me awake) – prevents me from taking Vitamin C , milk thistle and other effective formulas from Chinese medicine.

Final thoughts

When visible progress seems very slow, in ACC group we’re encouraged to evaluate whether we’re functioning better overall.  Here, I’d have to say the answer is positive – the incremental gains have contributed to a better quality of life.

What I realized so far about chelating heavy metals is that it is an extremely slow and taxing process which is more like a dance rather than a ‘procedure.’  It has to be done with immense patience, utmost attention and intense self care.  The mind has to be supported just as vigorously as the body in order to keep one’s sanity and wits. One has to learn to nurture oneself on every level in order to make it through. The lessons learned are invaluable and timeless.

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  • Julie Mar 27, 2020 Link Reply

    Have you read Medical Medium books? He has a gentler way of detoxing and a deeper insight on alot of these things.

    • insomniacnextdoor Mar 27, 2020 Link Reply

      Hi Julie, yes, I’ve read his advice. Unfortunately, he advocates for using cilantro as chelator. Not only it is not effective it is dangerous. I’ve read too many storied of people getting really hurt doing it, even if they combine it with binders. Do you also have issues with heavy metals?

  • Anita Apr 16, 2020 Link Reply

    Have you heard of standard process supplements? These supplements are miracles, and many of them are only found through standard process because the creator decided not to patent them. There is a list of protomorphogens that are specific to the organ or gland being treated. It is possible that your body is just too weak to go through the detox process. These supplement can build your body up in a way I don’t think you can find anywhere else. I had severe insomnia to the point I thought I would die with some of my symptoms being similar to yours. 3 years later I’m doing well, but still working on things. I also learned to muscle test myself so I could figure out which supplements and dosage I needed. I have and neighbor and a doctor that also muscle test that I often go to to verify my results. It has saved me a ton of time and money doing things this way.

    • dmitiry Apr 17, 2020 Link Reply

      anita what supplements are you using for sleep thanks

  • Ryan Apr 24, 2022 Link Reply

    Hey there!

    I am saving up for toxicity tests and nutreval. Are there safe ways to detox the body via supplements to reduce some toxicity levels without doing the tests?

    Thank you!

    • insomniacnextdoor Apr 25, 2022 Link Reply

      It depends. What are you hopping to detox?

  • Ryan sommer Apr 24, 2022 Link Reply

    Vitamin d i tolerance. Some info for you.

    Most say how can tans 10,000 iu and barely raise levels. But i am sure we are alike. I cant do more than 4000 a day or i cant sleep. Look up dr stasha gominak on youtube. Her vitamin d knowledge is solid about sleep. I agree with her advice on medium doss vit b intake. Not sure about anything other than that. Vit d was my first step on my journey.

    • insomniacnextdoor Apr 25, 2022 Link Reply

      Thank you Ryan, I’ll look her up. I think for me it has to do with genetics.

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