Mercury Chelation Therapy Journal

When I realized all of my symptoms were pointing to heavy metal intoxication it was like a lightning strike for me. Right away I removed all of my amalgam fillings as safely as possible and researched all of the methods to detox mercury. The protocol that seemed the safest was by Andrew Cutler (AC).

What you see below is my mercury chelation (detox) journal with rounds explaining which chelator, dosage and my experiences with them. You’ll see me referring to various supplements. I also take various other herbal formulas and supplements to help support my adrenals, liver and detox process. Some acronyms that you’ll see are:

ACE – Adrenal Cortex (not adrenal glandular)
AH – Antihistamine (usually Cetirizine)
ALA – Alpha Lipoic Acid (chelator)
BP – Bupleurum & Peony Formula (Chinese herbal formula)
BC – Bupleurum & Cyperus Formula (Chinese herbal formula)
CBD – Cannabidiol (non psycho active hemp extract)
CF – The Core Four per AC: Magnesium,  Vitamin C, Zinc and Vitamin E
DMPS – Dimercapto-propane sulfonate (chelator)
DMSA – Dimercaptosuccinic acid (chelator)
JYP – Jiang Ya Pian Formula (liver heat)
MT – Milk Thistle
OnR – On round (the three day chelating period)
OffR –  Off round (the three day rest and recoup period)
PE- Pancreatic Enzymes (KREON)
SL – Selenium

(Other things in the protocol: Vit. B6 and A, Taurine, Te Xiao Zao Ren An Mian Pian [Sleepeace], An Shen Bu Xin Pian [SpiritCalm], Tian Wang Bu Xin Pian [HeartVigor], Celery juice or powder)

As the various symptoms improve or disappear, I will highlight them in bold.

DMPS 5 mg Started to feel amped after 2 days, could not sleep, strange feeling in sinuses and left brain side – metallic pressure. Some fatigue. Off round increased tinnitus and wired.
DMSA 6.5 mg Calmer on it, sleepy first day but then feel more energetic and amped up. Sleep is awful, waking up every 2.5 hours. Seems like at 3 hours I become very antsy already and need to take another dose to equalize. Overall not so bad when managed with all these other supplements. Almost feel energetic and upbeat. Sauna afterwards felt great to come off of round. No gut issues. Post round symptoms not too bad, first day some fatigue, second better. Seems DMSA is a good option for me too.
DMPS 10 mg Tolerating surprisingly well, even better than first round. Very little that feeling around in my right temple. Fatigue is about the same but supporting with ACE, would be too hard without it – had rough time the day I skipped. Sleep is pretty good, again surprisingly, better than on first round, could sleep without antihistamine first two nights. Second night got less sleep. Third even with drowsy antihistamine was very rough, can feel it. More fatigue during day time. Day of last round felt that tension in right brain as before but that night took Ibuprofen, antihistamine, GABA, theanine and slept till 5:30 with one brief wakening.
DMSA 13 mg First day seemed fine but could not fall asleep or sleep, was also very hot. Possible reasons: rice dish with lamb (plovas), rye bread, goat cheese, sauna and sun exposure during day time. Was very hot at night. Bad insomnia continues, feeling very activated and hot at night, not much is helping, even antihistamines not working. Day time fatigue and feeling depressed. Dose probably too high at this point. Definitely more amped up than on DMPS. Was doing this wrong (every 3 hours when needed every 4). 3rd night on round was totally different, supp record: melat., sleep peace, TAURINE, He shou wu, L-Theanine, purple edition CBD, drowsy antihistamine. First night off round was similar but second part of the night was restless. Similar supplement plan as the night before except no He Shou Wu second part and Taurine was before dinner. 3rd night off round could not fall asleep without Zyrtec (histamine issues), took He Shou Wu, Taurine and regular stuff. Had chills till 2am, very cold and then suddenly an adrenaline jolt in sleep and was up hot. Similar thing with chills already happened before.
ALA 25 mg First two days felt almost nothing, in fact kind of calm and less tinnitus, perhaps some spurts of fatigue but nothing too unusual. Sleep was OK with antihistamines. Third day felt slower digestion, more dampness. Night had acid back up into my mouth – very strange. Next day weak, no appetite, nauseous, pressure in liver area. Hardly ate anything that day. Night had fever. More fatigue and no appetite. Seems like a toxic liver issue but could have been a simple stomach virus. May have to try with lower ALA dose in case this was liver intox but also learned my lesson and will need to support it better with Milk Thistle, Bupleurum, etc. Also, this could have been caused by HE SHOU WU as it is contraindicated with dampness, low appetite, etc. Will skip it till my digestion recovers a bit.
DMPS/ALA 10/12.5 Uneventful round. Some sporadic tinnitus, some sporadic fatigue but latter is mostly due improper liver support or prolonged use of drowsy antihistamine. Taurine is in question as fatigue cause, also Niacinamide. Milk thistle at three packs is also a question. Sleep is decent and possible without meds, difficulty falling asleep but this could be because DMPS is a bit activating – need to try taking it much earlier than bedtime and just take another one at 2AM together with a hit of ALA. Vit C at night seems too activating and problematic for gut. Overall sleep is slightly improving, noticing a slightly deeper release of nervous system. 2 more nights after round were good for sleep, slept all the way to 4am, didn’t need to pee and wasn’t hot – very impressing. Post round fatigue second and third day afternoon is the worst. Third day morning was amazing, felt great, thought was ready for another round but aftrenoon energy crashed but probably due to dampness – rainy day. Juicing CELERY has been amazing for digestion – more bile flow, etc. Last night before round was rough – felt amped up, could have been something I ate – still very sensitive.
DMPS/ALA 10/25 Double ALA dose in hopes last time crash was due to poor liver/bile support because other than that all was going relatively smooth. First two days were pretty smooth, third day had some bad fatigue; lucky was home because it might had been too tough at work. A bit of extra ACE wasn’t helping but adding to its usual side effects. Seems like there was less of those sensations in the right side of head and tinnitus but there’s more stuffy feeling where everything sounds dull and uninspiring. First day off round felt OK but I could tell body is stressed, slight heart palpitations, more heat in the organs, etc. Took a sauna in afternoon which felt good. Next two days felt waves of fatigue but manageable. Supplements: Some ACE, Milk Thistle, Cour 4, B6, Linseed oil, Cod Liver oil, L-Theanine, Salvia and Shen herbs at night to cool the engines, juiced Celery through entire round – felt great, much easier detox. Because of fatigue, might take an extra day to recover. Sleep on and off round has been quite better, easy to fall asleep, easily go back to sleep, the only thing I wake up early 4-5am. Non drowsy AH helped to sleep in more.
DMPS/ALA 10/25 Started round in the evening. Rough night, very light sleep. Next day fatigue, that draggy feeling, quick to tire from talking but manageable. Second two days on round were usual fatigue but not too bad. First day off round did sauna, some fatigue, that dull head feeling and increased tinnitus. Second day off round feeling pretty good, had a really good night sleep with ND antihistamine, day was energetic but was more antsy and irritable, also increase tinnitus. Third day off round a bit more fatigue and more spleen dampness – ate some chocolate cake yesterday, bread in the morning – no good, hard to digest stuff, flames sensitivities. Took no ACE. Next day was more fatigue, really need to be careful with diet.
DMPS/ALA 12.5/37.5 Split DMPS 25mg into half capsules, increased ALA to see how I do. Started round with DMPS at 2am and ALA at 6am. First day had good mood and good energy levels, was feeling hyper and amped up. Night was decent with AH, morning light headache, ear pressure, very flat mood, medium fatigue, fun starts. Afternoon felt better and things evened out. Night was good with AH + Cod/Zizyphus + Salvia, woke up refreshed. Third day OnR feeling pretty good, good energy, good mood. Supporting myself with larger doses of Salvia and some liver heat clearing formulas in small doses. Also taking Bupleurum & Peony formula among my usual supplements. Using no ACE all this time. Celery powder seems to be helping quite a bit! First day OffR feeling surprisingly good, no ACE, energy levels very decent. Redistribution doesn’t feel so bad, other than some tinnitus and irritability but handling it with CBD, Theanine. Attributing this to Bupleurum & Peony, liver yang clearing herbs and more salvia during day time. Very possible extra energy is from Codonopsis and Zizyphus taken one cap at night after waking up (not sustainable due to side effects after a few days). Day 2 OffR – decent energy, a bit rougher in afternoon but recovered after a nap. Next night was rough – could be because of salicylates (olive oil, mint tea) or high thiol food – asparagus or perhaps because did not take AH.


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