Mercury Chelation Therapy Journal

When I realized all of my symptoms were pointing to heavy metal toxicity it was like a lightning strike for me. Right away I removed all of my amalgam fillings as safely as possible and researched all of the methods to detox mercury. The protocol that seemed the safest was by Andrew Cutler (AC).

What you see below is my mercury chelation (detox) journal with rounds explaining which chelator, dosage and my experiences with them. You’ll see me referring to various supplements. I also take various other herbal formulas and supplements to help support my adrenals, liver and detox process. Some acronyms that you’ll see are:

ACE – Adrenal Cortex (not adrenal glandular)
AH – Antihistamine (usually Cetirizine)
ALA – Alpha Lipoic Acid (chelator)
BP – Bupleurum & Peony Formula (Chinese herbal formula)
BC – Bupleurum & Cyperus Formula (Chinese herbal formula)
CBD – Cannabidiol (non psycho active hemp extract)
CF – The Core Four per AC: Magnesium,  Vitamin C, Zinc and Vitamin E
DMPS – Dimercapto-propane sulfonate (chelator)
DMSA – Dimercaptosuccinic acid (chelator)
JYP – Jiang Ya Pian Formula (liver heat)
MT – Milk Thistle
OnR – On round (the three day chelating period)
OffR –  Off round (the three day rest and recoup period)
PE- Pancreatic Enzymes (KREON)
SL – Selenium

(Other things in the protocol: Vit. B6 and A, Taurine, Te Xiao Zao Ren An Mian Pian [Sleepeace], An Shen Bu Xin Pian [SpiritCalm], Tian Wang Bu Xin Pian [HeartVigor], Celery juice or powder)

As the various symptoms improve or disappear, I will highlight them in the note section in between rounds.

NOTE: Started first round March 21, 2018. Tested with DMPS only, Then with DMSA only. Then higher dose DMPS, seem to tolerate just as OK as lower dose.

[1] DMPS 5 mg

Started to feel amped after 2 days, could not sleep, strange feeling in sinuses and left brain side – metallic pressure. Some fatigue. Off round increased tinnitus and wired. 03-21-2018

[2] DMSA 6.5 mg

Calmer on it, sleepy first day but then feel more energetic and amped up. Sleep is awful, waking up every 2.5 hours. Seems like at 3 hours I become very antsy already and need to take another dose to equalize. Overall not so bad when managed with all these other supplements. Almost feel energetic and upbeat. Sauna afterwards felt great to come off of round. No gut issues. Post round symptoms not too bad, first day some fatigue, second better. Seems DMSA is a good option for me too. 03-27-2018

[3] DMPS 10 mg

Tolerating surprisingly well, even better than first round. Very little that feeling around in my right temple. Fatigue is about the same but supporting with ACE, would be too hard without it – had rough time the day I skipped. Sleep is pretty good, again surprisingly, better than on first round, could sleep without antihistamine first two nights. Second night got less sleep. Third even with drowsy antihistamine was very rough, can feel it. More fatigue during day time. Day of last round felt that tension in right brain as before but that night took Ibuprofen, antihistamine, GABA, theanine and slept till 5:30 with one brief wakening. 04-02-2018

[4] DMSA 13 mg

First day seemed fine but could not fall asleep or sleep, was also very hot. Possible reasons: rice dish with lamb (plovas), rye bread, goat cheese, sauna and sun exposure during day time. Was very hot at night. Bad insomnia continues, feeling very activated and hot at night, not much is helping, even antihistamines not working. Day time fatigue and feeling depressed. Dose probably too high at this point. Definitely more amped up than on DMPS. Was doing this wrong (every 3 hours when needed every 4). 3rd night on round was totally different, supp record: melat., sleep peace, TAURINE, He shou wu, L-Theanine, purple edition CBD, drowsy antihistamine. First night off round was similar but second part of the night was restless. Similar supplement plan as the night before except no He Shou Wu second part and Taurine was before dinner. 3rd night off round could not fall asleep without Zyrtec (histamine issues), took He Shou Wu, Taurine and regular stuff. Had chills till 2am, very cold and then suddenly an adrenaline jolt in sleep and was up hot. Similar thing with chills already happened before. 04-08-2018

[5] ALA 25 mg

First two days felt almost nothing, in fact kind of calm and less tinnitus, perhaps some spurts of fatigue but nothing too unusual. Sleep was OK with antihistamines. Third day felt slower digestion, more dampness. Night had acid back up into my mouth – very strange. Next day weak, no appetite, nauseous, pressure in liver area. Hardly ate anything that day. Night had fever. More fatigue and no appetite. Seems like a toxic liver issue but could have been a simple stomach virus. May have to try with lower ALA dose in case this was liver intox but also learned my lesson and will need to support it better with Milk Thistle, Bupleurum, etc. Also, this could have been caused by HE SHOU WU as it is contraindicated with dampness, low appetite, etc. Will skip it till my digestion recovers a bit. 04-14-2018

[6] DMPS/ALA 10/12.5

Uneventful round. Some sporadic tinnitus, some sporadic fatigue but latter is mostly due improper liver support or prolonged use of drowsy antihistamine. Taurine is in question as fatigue cause, also Niacinamide. Milk thistle at three packs is also a question. Sleep is decent and possible without meds, difficulty falling asleep but this could be because DMPS is a bit activating – need to try taking it much earlier than bedtime and just take another one at 2AM together with a hit of ALA. Vit C at night seems too activating and problematic for gut. 2 more nights after round were good for sleep, slept all the way to 4am, didn’t need to pee and wasn’t hot – very impressing. Post round fatigue second and third day afternoon is the worst. Third day morning was amazing, felt great, thought was ready for another round but afternoon energy crashed but probably due to dampness – rainy day. 04-20-2018

NOTE: Overall sleep is slightly improving, noticing a slightly deeper release of nervous system.  Juicing CELERY has been amazing for digestion – more bile flow, etc. Last night before round was rough – felt amped up, could have been something I ate – still very sensitive.

[7] DMPS/ALA 10/25

Double ALA dose in hopes last time crash was due to poor liver/bile support because other than that all was going relatively smooth. First two days were pretty smooth, third day had some bad fatigue; lucky was home because it might had been too tough at work. A bit of extra ACE wasn’t helping but adding to its usual side effects. Seems like there was less of those sensations in the right side of head and tinnitus but there’s more stuffy feeling where everything sounds dull and uninspiring. First day off round felt OK but I could tell body is stressed, slight heart palpitations, more heat in the organs, etc. Took a sauna in afternoon which felt good. Next two days felt waves of fatigue but manageable. Supplements: Some ACE, Milk Thistle, Cour 4, B6, Linseed oil, Cod Liver oil, L-Theanine, Salvia and Shen herbs at night to cool the engines, juiced Celery through entire round – felt great, much easier detox. Because of fatigue, might take an extra day to recover. Sleep on and off round has been quite better, easy to fall asleep, easily go back to sleep, the only thing I wake up early 4-5am. Non drowsy AH helped to sleep in more. 04-26-2018

[8] DMPS/ALA 10/25

Started round in the evening. Rough night, very light sleep. Next day fatigue, that draggy feeling, quick to tire from talking but manageable. Second two days on round were usual fatigue but not too bad. First day off round did sauna, some fatigue, that dull head feeling and increased tinnitus. Second day off round feeling pretty good, had a really good night sleep with ND antihistamine, day was energetic but was more antsy and irritable, also increase tinnitus. Third day off round a bit more fatigue and more spleen dampness – ate some chocolate cake yesterday, bread in the morning – no good, hard to digest stuff, flames sensitivities. Took no ACE. Next day was more fatigue, really need to be careful with diet. 05-02-2018

9 DMPS/ALA 12.5/37.5

Split DMPS 25mg into half capsules, increased ALA to see how I do. Started round with DMPS at 2am and ALA at 6am. First day had good mood and good energy levels, was feeling hyper and amped up. Night was decent with AH, morning light headache, ear pressure, very flat mood, medium fatigue, fun starts. Afternoon felt better and things evened out. Night was good with AH + Cod/Zizyphus + Salvia, woke up refreshed. Third day OnR feeling pretty good, good energy, good mood. Supporting myself with larger doses of Salvia and some liver heat clearing formulas in small doses. Also taking Bupleurum & Peony formula among my usual supplements. Using no ACE all this time. Celery powder seems to be helping quite a bit! First day OffR feeling surprisingly good, no ACE, energy levels very decent. Redistribution doesn’t feel so bad, other than some tinnitus and irritability but handling it with CBD, Theanine. Attributing this to Bupleurum & Peony, liver yang clearing herbs and more salvia during day time. Very possible extra energy is from Codonopsis and Zizyphus taken one cap at night after waking up (not sustainable due to side effects after a few days). Day 2 OffR – decent energy, a bit rougher in afternoon but recovered after a nap. Next night was rough – could be because of salicylates (olive oil, mint tea) or high thiol food – asparagus or perhaps because did not take AH. 05-10-2018

[10] DMPS/ALA 12.5/37.5

Started with same dosage as wanted to see whether it’ll be as rough start but it isn’t. 1st day OnR feeling pretty good and in good spirits, night was decent. 2nd day a bit slower and slightly more fatigue but feeling like coming down with cold virus. Possibly what’s causing less fatigue is the liver clearing herbs (liver yang formula), better appetite due to Bupleurum & Peony formula. First day coming off of round was full of energy, got a ton of work done around the house, second day fatigue was much worse, very slow day, had to take some ACE. Third day energy levels are decent and getting better. Because of cough took more days off round. 05-16-2018

NOTE: Overall my lower back pain has significantly improved. Sleep has significantly improved and if I eat right and manage things I sleep through the night and wake up refreshed. Digestion seems to have improved as well with a returned appetite and that sense of fullness has almost gone away. Looks like high histamine foods are not that big of an issue. Very nice gains overall. Thiols continue to be an issue, mostly manifest through increased fatigue and poor mood but only for about 24 hours of consuming them.

[11] DMPS/ALA 25/50

After almost a month’s pause due to cough virus and lung infection started with arger DMPS. Felt plenty of energy but too amped up, could hardly sleep, was just too much. Finished the round but not sure what happened and whether the effect was due to a long pause in chelation of DMPS is just too high for me in this dose 06-18-2018

[12] DMPS/ALA 12.5/50

Kept the increased ALA does and had a uneventful round, sleep OK, not much difference in fatigue. Noticing reduced sensitivity to thiols ON round. Also better digestion.

[13] DMPS/ALA 12.5/75

Had a another pause for almost a week due to getting sick – cold virus. Bumped up ALA as I feel like this is the most tolerable chelator for me to experiment with overall. First day seems fine – no noticeable effects. Second day fine but third day got sick – nausea, high fever, no appetite. Knocked me out for a week. Was sweating profusely at night for a few days. 07-14-2018

[14] DMPS/ALA 12.5/50

Went back to smaller dose without consequences, did fine OR as well.

[15] DMPS/ALA 12.5/50

Again same dose to make sure I can handle it. Seems like had almost no side effects or post round fatigue.

[16] DMPS/ALA 12.5/75

Went fine for a while but third day happened as before with higher ALA dose – digestion stopped, high fever, nausea. Lots of sweating at night, especially around the upper wait (liver?). Seems like this ALA dose is just too high for me. Blood work showed inflammation (High rbc) but the doc had no idea what it was.

[17] DMSA/ALA 12.5/50

Went to DMSA and decreased ALA to stay just in case, again. I is possible I’m dumping now as the fatigue is constant with heavier legs. General sense of heaviness for almost three weeks now. Round started off with heavier fatigue but then leveled off and felt OK. Side effects: hot and sleepless at night but manageable. Waking up at 1AM irritated and hot – liver overburdened again? Able to fall asleep and rest. Second night was even worse. Worst effect: bloated stomach, really bad… low appetite, feeling stuffed and uneasy. In general though feeling pretty good, calm. DMSA seems like a bad fit for me. Started taking Lauric Acid to try ease bloating but best is to avoid all sugars and high FODMAP items. First day OR feeling heavy and tired. 08/27/2018

[18] DMSA/ALA 12.5/50

Taking caprylic acid so bloating seems to be better but not sure if its due to that. Also drinking Celery powder and Bupleurum and Peony combo, seem to help with bloating and appetite a lot. First day OR seems fine, feeling better than OR but harder to fall asleep. Next night was even tougher – could not fall asleep or stay asleep, could feel tension in the heart, tooks half a dose of antihistamine and that seemed to help. Feeling rather warm at night, there was no issue with this with DMPS. Looks like DMSA does something that either stir up histamine or messes with methylation. Still manageable and will wait to see whether I will tolerate this better with time. Sleep seems to improve with heat clearing herb formula form the heart. Did sauna again on the first day OR, felt pretty good. Moderate levels of fatigue first day and second day OR. Sleep OR is rough, waking up many times and early in the morning. 09/03/2018

[19] DMSA/ALA 12.5/50

Third round with same dosage was the easiest. Worst symptom is still the gut – lots of bloating, gas, low appetite, DMSA is really not the best fit but continuing on in hopes that I also need to detox some lead and I’m willing to live with bad symptoms. On the positive note, OnR I am less warm at night, able to sleep better (but falling asleep is still difficult), I have better energy during the day and able to tolerate foods without major side effects. This third round proves that I’m able to handle the dosage but will not raise it just yet. Supporting myself with Bupl and Peony formula, heart tonics at night and all the usual supplements. Off round experienced way less fatigue than during previous rounds.

[20] DMSA/ALA 12.5/50

Very few symptoms on or off round other than the gut bloating and gassy. Feeling pretty good on round, more energy, especially when drinking celery juice in the mornings. NOTE – drink more celery juice for better energy.

[21] DMSA/ALA 16.6/50

Upped DMSA as last round felt stable. Feeling some general improvements in mood and emotional stability. Perhaps coming out of the dump period, not sure. Entire round felt smooth and had very little fatigue during or after. Didn’t feel much change with higher dosage but the got issues were just as bad if not worse. DMSA is not for me at this point.

[22] DMPS/ALA 12.5/50

Regular round with almost no symptoms on or afterwards. Still lingerings effects in the gut from DMSA: gassy, bloated, no hunger. Doing much better when it comes to gut with DMPS.

[23] DMPS/ALA 12.5/50

Regular round and felt really good after traveling to Crete. Climate really does help a lot as I felt great after the trip 09/27/2018

[24] DMPS/ALA 12.5/50

Stayed with this dosage because caught a cold virus and felt sick, didn’t want to push it because was already experiencing fatigue and weakness.

[25] DMPS/ALA 12.50/50

Stuck with dosage as was not completely recovered from cold. With Fall I started experiencing Yin excess and had to dial down on things like Vit C and Milk Thistle in the evenings. Had three nights of real poor sleep off round. Had to quit both Bupl and Peon as well as Bupl and Cyperus. Once I started the round I felt better and slept better. Looks like my thyroid or liver cold issues are not gone yet and I have to watch my diet and supplements to keep a balance and not feel cold feet or chills at bedtime. 10/11/2018

[26] DMPS/ALA 12.50/50

Had some fatigue after past round but only for one day so decided to keep at it for a while. Not eventful round after all but these chills at bedtime are so annoying. I realized if I didn’t take anything that cools liver like Milk Thistle or Bupleurum/Cyperus I was doing OK. Also had a few really poor sleep nights in a row – was too hot but now I think this is dues to eating gluten food (rye bread, some cake) and of course looks like thiols add to the misery too. If I avoid these foods and meat for dinner my sleep is much better. 10/18/2018

[27] DMPS/ALA 12.50/50

Did a longer round for about an extra half a day. Had more fatigue a day afterwards and feel longer rounds may not be so beneficial at this point as body needs time to heal. 10/24/2018

[28] DMPS/ALA 25/50

Raised DMPS dose to see how it goes and whether I’ll have similar levels of fatigue or more. First day OR was pretty tough but it could have been because I took a sauna in the morning and further exhausted my adrenals. Or the DMPS dose is a bit too high but second day was easier and I had more energy. Only symptom was low appetite, slight nausea, gut a bit unhappy and more sluggish. Third day seems to be about the same with no new issues and enjoying decent energy levels. Perhaps because been drinking Celery Juice and able to tolerate Bupl/Peony formula? Gives me enough reason to give 25 mg DMPS dose a go next time. Still dealing with being hot at night, guessing this has to do with the season Autumn = Digestion time in TCM or I’ve stirred up yeast and SIBO with that month on DMSA. First day OR not bad, some usual fatigue, tinnitus. Surprisingly, second day still pretty bad when I usually feel pretty good; this could mean there was more redistribution or the body took a bigger hit. Now I’m wondering whether this dosage is as ‘easy’ as I thought it was. Will meed to tryagain and see how I do. 10/31/2018

[29] DMPS/ALA 12.5/50

Went back to previous dose to mop up the previous redistrubution as it just felt too much for me. Round felt great, post round hardly any fatigue, also felt pretty good. A couple of really good days after all with lots of energy and good mood.

[30] DMPS/ALA 12.5/75

Decided to up the ALA this time and see how I do. Rough round and was abandoning it after 24 hours as was developing this heavy feeling with low apetite, slugish feeling but continued on and quit early at 72 hours. First day OFFR felt rough with fatigue, looks like immune system took a hit too as caught a cold virus. Supported myself with celery powder, CBD, ox bile, Bupl & Peony, some Bupl and Cyperus, Milk Thistle and Cour Four. Later days the fatigue lingered. This was too much and my immune system is not ready for this ALA dose yet. 11/14/2018

[31] DMPS/ALA 12.5/50

Lowered the ALA dose but was progressively getting more sick and weaker, finished the round half a day early just to be safe. Off round recovery is very rough – more insomnia, more fatigue, looks like an adrenal crash which I haven’t had for a long time. Although this type of fatigue could be coming from liver/spleen – possible causes had some wine during Thanksgiving or took probiotics which exacerbated SIBO symptoms). 11/21/2018

NOTE: Took a week off chelation to recover my energy levels and sleep becomes more stable. During this tried Magnesium L-Threonate which made me too stimulated and made sleep even worse.

[32] DMPS/ALA 18.75/50

Slightly upped the DMPS dose to go slower this time, kept ALA the same to keep immune system happy. Seemed fine when it comes to DMPS but also similar but lighter symptoms of reduced immune function (sore throat, weakness, runny nose) and increased lowe back pain. I might be experiencing light adrenal crash. On days off I worked hard on remodel and experiencing lots of heat day and night (another thyroid and adrenal deficiency symptom). Tried Lecithin to improve liver function but that turned out a total disaster for me sleep – made me very alert with this buzzing in my head, taking a few nights to wear off). Going to take another break from chelation. 12/01/2018

NOTE: Took a week an a half break, feeling better, also noticing some sort of improvement in digestion, less heat after meals. Took some Sunflower Lecithin but that turned out to be a disaster – caused very poor sleep, made me all amped up.

[33] DMPS/ALA 18.75/50

Regular round, still felt some sore throat aftewards, medium fatigue, lethargic, heavier feeling but probably from weather.  12/16/2018

[34] DMPS (6hrs) 18.75

Did a DMPS only round EVERY 6 hrs. Wanted to test whether I’d get the same weakened immune system issues and lower back pain. OnR felt a bit heavy, sleep really took a nose dive. Off round felt some medium fatigue, some lower back pain but different but no other issues. It seems doing ALA every other round in winter might be an OK strategy to keep the immune system in balance. 12/24/2018

NOTE: In general, I’ve started to experience a bit better appetite and improved digestion – some gurgling noises, perhaps bile moving more freely. Sleep has not been good though. Tried to quit melatonin but it took too long to fall asleep without it so started back on (wrote an article about it). Winter has brought the usual set of symptoms but seem this year I’m able to better tolerate supplements of Yin nature. As long as I don’t take Vit C, Bupl/Peony or Bupl/Cyperus or Milk Thistle in the evening I do not experience those chills. Also what seems to have helped with chills is Vit D – need to remember to take this during winters.

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  • jeremy Oct 29, 2018 Link Reply

    I am dealing with many of the same problems as you and the further I move along in this process the more I begin to believe it is mercury related. I am having my fillings removed and I intend to pursue some detox in the next few months. I have an issue with low bile production. My liver is fine based on tests and a scan, but nothing is being produced. What have you found that works? The only thing that has worked consistently for me is Hawthorn, but I have had withdrawal issues if using it for than a week or two.

    • insomniacnextdoor Nov 1, 2018 Link Reply

      Hi Jeremy, congrats! You have found your root cause. It took me way too long to start taking mercury seriously. Now, first of all please make sure to remove your amalgams SAFELY. Hope you read about all that, right? Then don’t just do a random detox because you will make yourself worse and I’ve met online a lot of people who got really hurt. Join that Andy Cutler Forum (ACC Forum) on Facebook before you do anything else and read through the files. This is very serious stuff and you have to approach very careful and methodically. OK, now that this is out of the way, the liver… YES! The liver and kidneys get hit the most from mercury toxicity and I too had very poor bile production (still do) but it took me forever to figure out. Hawthorn is more for the heart, not your liver but the two are very interconnected so it makes sense taking tonics for both. There are a few things you can try to help your bile flow: Ox bile, milk thistle, some do very well on Taurine (helps sleep too), sunflower lecithin, etc. When you start chelating mercury you will use ALA (Alpha Lipoic Acid) which helps a lot too BUT don’t do it before you have your amalgams out and wait three months or you’ll make yourself worse with ALA! Keep in touch.

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