Poria Five Formula (Wu Ling San) Review – Pure Love for Your Spleen, Kidneys, and Heart

Poria Five Formula, aka Five-Ingredient Powder with Poria has been so helpful to me that I believe more people should be aware of its wonderful properties. This review is based on personal experience and my particular symptoms set.

While studying my condition from the Chinese medicine perspective I could not help but to be constantly led to conclusion that I have a serious spleen deficiency. Now, for those of you who haven’t delved much into TCM just keep in mind that ‘spleen deficiency’ is a wide encompassing term for various digestions issues, while ‘kidney yin deficiency’ is adrenal fatigue/hyper thyroid issues.

Spleen deficiency for me manifests as sluggish digestion, distention, bloating, inner coldness, strong preference for warm and cooked foods. Raw salad eaten in the evening was almost a guarantee for a sleepless night with multiple bathroom visits to urinate. Raw and cold foods induced either heat in my abdomen or chills in my core. On top of that I would feel stressed and restless. How is this even possible?

In Chinese medicine this points to both spleen and kidney deficiency. The two are very interrelated and you know this because adrenal fatigue is usually accompanied by poor digestion and various gut issues.This made me study and test various herbal formulas like [continue reading…]


Can Mercury Toxicity from Silver Fillings Be the Root Cause of Sleep, Fatigue and Gut Problems?

This week I’m ripping out my last silver (amalgam) fillings. I want this toxic garbage out of my body for good. This is the most expensive experiment yet but knowing what I know now I just couldn’t ignore this potential hazard any more.

If you have any amalgam silver fillings (they are 40-50% mercury) in your mouth or suspect you’ve been exposed to excess mercury from your environment or food then read on, perhaps this will stir up enough curiosity in you to investigate this issue further.  Perhaps your mouth too, might have been slowly poisoning you for years!

Why Mercury?

Why am I suspecting mercury toxicity?  Because as I observe my body, test supplements and educate myself about heavy metals it always leads me to this advice: multiple health issues that nobody can figure out suggests mercury as the root cause.

The key indicator that heavy metals could be at play is when your symptoms either closely resemble or perfectly fit a host of various health issues like [continue reading…]


How Activated Charcoal Can Improve Sleep and Keep You From Waking During the Night

Amazing. Nothing short of amazing. Activated charcoal is really helping me sleep better by preventing waking up from feeling hot.  It’s another winner in my small arsenal of remedies that actually work.

I’ve also had a big breakthrough in understanding how my system works. For the longest time I was blaming various foods for keeping me up at night by drawing a direct cause and effect between what I ate that day and how I felt and slept that night.This made me eliminate a ton of foods and shift from supplement to supplement.

This created immense confusion as I might have been fine on a supplement for a night or two and then have an awful night afterwards. I would almost always blame the effect on that supplement and quit it “just in case.” This really caused a lot of anxiety as I could have been taking and eating the right stuff but if I had a rough night I had to eliminate. But recently, I realized that it wasn’t one particular food that was causing me grief but the BUILD UP of various byproducts (metabolites) of digestion or [continue reading…]


Practitioner’s Secrets: Traditional Chinese Medicine vs Epigenetics

Looking for solutions to my health crisis has been nothing short of a roller-coaster with a very hard landing. I’ve explored so many directions, tried so many diets and protocols without much success that I’ve come to one single conclusion – this is a total mystery to me. Symptoms are just too vast, always changing as if I was possessed. Well, it appears that in Traditional Chinese Medicine this is a diagnosis as well. They refer to it as the Gu Syndrome.

While I exploring it I decided that this is something that makes a lot of sense to me so I started working with a TCM practitioner who claims to have gone through a similar hell as mine. I committed to giving it a shot but at the same time I just received my genetic test results and learned that I have a few gene variations like MTHFR, COMT, CBS and some others that effect my methylation pathways. Basically, I’m a poor detox-er and methylator, meaning there is a ‘malfunctioning’ or slowing of how various components convert into vitamins, amino acids and so on.  This is what the science of epigenetics studies these days.

I e-mailed my guy asking what he thinks about addressing the genetics before going for the Gu Syndrome. I was rather surprised by his answer and this is why I’ve decided to share it with you. I also share my conclusion [continue reading…]


The Sneaky Connection Between Stress, Adrenal Fatigue, Low Stomach Acid and Insomnia!

I’ve been absolutely obsessed about putting this insomnia puzzle together and recently I’ve discovered a huge clue to solving this entire riddle – low stomach acid, aka hypochloridia. It appears that low stomach acid can be a main culprit behind a number of health issues like adrenal fatigue, food sensitivities, sluggish liver and of course those soul crushing sleepless nights.

In my case it probably all started with stress and H-Pylori infection but I’m not 100% sure because this could be the “chicken or egg first?” situation. I’ve shared my struggles with H Pylory and the natural cure in my other blog post. One thing that I’m certain of is that behind both the H Pylori and Low Stomach Acid hides the beast called stress. In my case it was low grade, extended, hardly noticeable stress that accompanied me for years over years.

The Stress, Nervous System and Digestion Connection

Many people are fine dealing with sporadic stress; our CNS is designed to cope with this. Problem is, there are certain body types like mine (think Vata in Ayurveda who are tall, slender, quick on their feet, always in a hurry, and easily excitable) to whom extended low grade stress will slowly wreak havoc on the nervous system. Certain gene mutations like COMT are said to also contribute to dominance of sympathetic nervous system. This type of person [continue reading…]


Mystery Files: Why Ibuprofen & Acetaminophen (Tylenol) Helps Me Sleep Better?

I’ve noticed this a couple of years ago and can not deny it – regular, OTC pain relievers and anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen [Advil, Motrin, and Nurofen] and acetaminophen/paracetamol [Tylenol] (aka NSAIDs) help me achieve deep and more refreshing sleep.

Could ibuprofen and acetaminophen effect GABA receptors? Could this have something to do with desensitizing the signals from a week  vagus nerve? And is it possible that these meds desensitize the brain from the stimulating action of excess of histamine and glutamine?

One obvious reason that anti-inflammatories could help one sleep is by reducing pain but I’m not in pain. So what’s up with all that?!

Science is Clueless?

What does science actually have to say about the mechanism behind Tylenol’s action? After some digging I’m stunned: [continue reading…]


Don’t Try to Sleep! (If You Want to Fall Asleep Faster)

What separates a serious insomniac from a hobbyist? A serious insomniac wakes up in the morning (granted he slept at all) and is already anxious about the coming evening when he’ll be lying in bed wondering whether this is going to be the night where he’ll finally get some shut-eye. This is not a joke.

Most of us invest quite a bit of anxiety in this process. Anything we do, eat and engage in is a calculated move to maximize our sleep the following night. Longing for sleep is a totally consuming process; it’s an obsession we secretly hide throughout the day.

In fact, I’m so determined to find the root cause of my insomnia that sometimes I wonder how much worse I’m making everything by investing so much energy in resisting my reality. After much pondering and learning more about the nature of our minds I’m now thoroughly convinced – what we resist, persists.

Guided by this universal law, can we make a logical leap that the easiest way to fall asleep is to actually try NOT to sleep?

A while back, during my QiGong practice I decided to take a radical turn and accept my plight. Instead of constantly worrying about insomnia I am [continue reading…]


Best and Worst Anti-Histamines for Sleep: Doxylamine vs Clemastine vs Cetirizine vs Diphenhydramine

Discovering that an anti-histamine can help me sleep better was literally a wake up call. What was most interesting is that the anti-histamine I took was the non-drowsy type. It was a regular, ‘new generation’ Cetirizine (Zyrtec). How come a non-drowsy anti-histamine was helping me sleep longer and wake up more refreshed? I had to dig deep and find some answers.  I further experimented with three more anti-histamines and discovered the best and worst type for me.

Histamine and Sleep Relationship

Before we delve any deeper we have to understand what role histamine plays in our sleep. Sleep is a complex process that involves numerous neurotransmitters. Among them Histamine is considered a “master” wakefulness-promoting neurotransmitter, exhibiting high activity during waking hours, decreasing in activity during the non-REM sleep, and is at its lowest during REM sleep. It is safe to say that histamine acts a stimulant.

Next question is what controls histamine levels in circulation and what controls histamine levels at night?  This gets very complicated but if I had to simplify this into a short theory it would be like this: there is a gate-keeper in our brain (thalamus) which controls the release of histamine necessary for our normal sleep/wake cycle. The released histamine does its job and is subsequently broken down (methylated) by our liver. During sleep time the gate-keeper should be signaling for low histamine levels to allow our brains [continue reading…]


Mystery Files: All These Supplements Make Insomnia Worse or Cause Massive Fatigue

Over the years I’ve tried to fix my leaky gut, dislodge pathogens, improve digestion, correct methylation and balance neurotransmitters for better sleep. In the process, I had to experiment with a ton of supplements and most of the time had negative reactions. This is a list of the particularly bad boys that caused wacky, mysterious, paradoxical reactions.

Interestingly, every single one of these are reported to help sleep in one way or another but not for me. I’ll update this list as I go along on my quest to recovery. If you see a link then I’ve either written about it or created a video.

Glycine – initial experience was good: felt rather relaxed, a bit tired (not fatigued) but eventually worsened my insomnia. I learned later that glycine can actually make things much worse. Being attractive as a GABA precursor it can rapidly turn nasty in ceratin people and convert to Glutamate – a neuroexcitatory neurotransmitter.

L-Glutamine – this one a real devil. First, I felt very relaxed from it but then a day later very alert at night, slight buzzing sound in my head. Insomnia was much worse and lasted quite a few nights. Will never touch it [continue reading…]


How QiGong Helped to Improve Sleep and Dramatically Raise My Energy Levels

Ever wonder why some people don’t heal on their own? While the real answer might be a ‘bit’ more complex than I’m about to render here but in short – this happens when they don’t have the fuel to fire their engines.

Our bodies are way more complex than we’re willing to admit. No amount of 5HTP or B vitamins will ever address our issues in a holistic and synergistic way that our bodies will ‘understand.’ But give the body energy and it will intelligently find ways to channel it into correct organ system in a balanced and most importantly – sustainable way.

QiGong is a very simple practice you can do to improve your health even if you’re exhausted from insomnia. The type I do requires very little physical effort. It builds you up from ground up and awakens your body’s inherent healing wisdom, aka inner teacher. It takes care of all those aspects that we’re not able to deal with our rational mind and limited knowledge. This is due to the fundamental truth of the universe:


How it All Began

It’s been exactly one year since I started my QiGong practice. This is a good milestone to summarize my experiences. I won’t go into what QiGong is and all the benefits that it provides. Instead, I’ll focus mostly on my experiences, its impact on sleep, energy levels and why I managed to [continue reading…]