Five Amazing Ways Qigong is Helping Me With Mercury Chelation – No One Believes Me!

“What is the best supplement you took to help you with mercury chelation?” People are usually baffled when I tell them that the best ever, most useful thing I took was not a supplement at all. It was Qigong – a powerful self healing method which is absolutely FREE to practice on daily basis. Thanks to this wonderful practice I was able to chelate heavy metals (Andrew Cutler protocol) without any adrenal support and without any major setbacks.

The type of Qigong that I do is super simple. Even a child a can do it because it doesn’t require any complicated moves as what you may see on TV or Thai Chi classes. This form of QiGong was developed thousands of years ago in the mountains of ancient China and is focused on one thing – accumulation and transformation of vital energy which is then used to fuel the healing reactor within.

All is required is a proper technique and patience. Because the effects are so subtle it is time consuming. Qi is energy, Gong is work. You’ll need to put in the work to feel results. But rest easy, once you get used to it you’ll look forward to it.

Why I Fell in Love with Qigong During Mercury Chelation

1. Energy is Intelligent

Mercury and other heavy metals impact our health in a variety and very unpredictable ways. This is why it is such a tough thing to diagnose based on the symptoms alone. Qigong took the guessing game out of equation by orchestrating infinite pieces of information, ushering energy to correct locations, nourishing cells that can not be reached with nutrients, connecting all things and all dimensions in the most perfect possible way to promote healing. It really is true that qi energy is intelligent. I can attest for this 100%.

2. No More Energy Crashes

Eliminated long adrenal crashes. This gentle gentle method helps me bounce back much quicker from any setbacks. This had given me so much confidence that I could scream for joy from a mountaintop. If before anything would tip me towards a crash, my body is more in the healing mode and is cooperating rather than declining now. It is no longer walking on egg shells.

3. Anxiety to Fail No More

“What if this supplement causes a reaction?” “What if it is going to increase  my insomnia?” “What if my adrenals crash?” Sounds familiar? Qigong has been a great equalizer and helps me bounce back after any misstep. As a consequence this substantially lowered huge anxiety about making mistakes in chelation or trying new supporting supplements. It also rest my mind at ease that even if my condition doesn’t resolve I will have the tools to enjoy a decent quality of life.

4. Reduces Lower Back Pain

Many mercury toxic people complain with lower back pain. It’s this low grade, gnawing and annoying ache that can not be eliminated by exercise. Many try to address it with supplements, strectches or ointments but all attempts are futile? Why? Because it comes from your darined assence that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) calls Jing. Persistent lower back pain has to do with low jing essence (adrenal energy if you will) which is said to reside in the kidney area. When jing energy is drained from the kidney area it weakens the surrounding muscle group putting extra strain on the spine and entire back. QiGong has the ability to charge this energy center, strengthen our back and reduce or eliminate pain altogether.

As I mentioned – Qigong was my only adrenal support and it worked well in adding much needed stamina during chelation rounds. At any sign of adrenal issues I ramp up my practice and get over that slump in a matter of a day or two.  By the way, there are two TCM wonder herbal tonics for Jing: Rehmannia Six or He Shou Wu formula. If you haven’t tried them I highly recommend (if you are not thiol sensitive).

5. Source of Supernatural Energy

Why do I call it supernatural? Because you are literally able to draw energy from thin air. Out of nowhere and out of everything! Qigong is a source of energy and better mood to make it through the day.   This practice is something I do religiously every day because it feels like the best vitamin ever. Very relaxing and comforting, healing at the core and always takes the edge off. A good session feels like a long warm shower. You just feel uplifted, nourished and coherent. This is healing to the entire nervous system and one’s spirit.

I must note that I also have a pretty demanding job as a manager in a real estate company. Practicing Qigong saved my job and my sanity.

Fun fact: when I get sick and have a fever I still do Qigong and notice that there’s a drop in fever during meditation. I actually took the temperature right after a session numerous times and saw a reduction in fever, many times down to normal. It would rise back up within an hour but still I find it amazing that during practice everything is so aligned and in balance that this phenomena takes place.

There is plenty of theories as to why Qigong is such an effective inner-medicine. I think of it as simply an ability to tap into universal energy and intelligence which resides in every living organism. By focusing it into our energy centers we awaken their dormant capacities to self regulate and support the living organism their are a part of.

Qigong Technique

This form of qigong come from Shaolin monasteries and the school of Qigong is called Zhong Yuan.  It is always transmitted from teacher to student in a direct manner over the course of a weekend or longer. Had I known how useful it is I would have flown to China to learn it but now there are instructors in Europe, some cities in USA, Canada, all over Russia and Asia.  If you can not find this School in your area look for any other center with a qualified teacher and ask for techniques that the Shaolin monks use to “accumulate qi” and build stamina.

The main difference I found here from other schools is that this form of Qigong is mostly static. There’s hardly any movement in main practices. You mostly use your mind to focus energy in your lower energy center or stand in the so called Big Tree posture. It is mind blowing that so much can be done without doing much!  This is why it is very well suited for drained and sick people. Another plus is that the system is not connected with any ideology, religion or politics.

Additional Resources

My previous article How QiGong Helped to Improve Sleep and Dramatically Raise My Energy Levels details my story and initial impressions a year after I started Qigong.

Mingtang Xu Youtube Channel – this is a master who is the head of Zhong Yuan School of Qigong. During the Covid pandemic he does almost weekly lectures and sessions online and you can learn a great deal from uploaded videos. Have patience as this School is mostly supported by his students in Russia, you’ll see lots of video with translations.

Zhong Yuan Qigong: First Stage of Ascent – Written by Mingtang Xu, this is a terrific book to get to know the practices. I still highly recommend learning them from a qualified teacher, even if you have to travel.

Qigong institute is a good website with plenty of good research and evidence of Qigong’s efficacy.

Here’s a video I did with my first impressions about Qigong. This was recorded before I started chelation and these kind of gains without detox would be unheard of while still having eight amalgams in my mouth. If you want to skip the intro, start at 7 minutes into it.


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  • Jason Nov 24, 2020 Link Reply

    Fascinating stuff. Hope that you post more about this and help others get started. Not sure if you’ve done this, but what exactly is your practice? I ask because the book you recommended is so darn detailed and perhaps frivolous and many parts? I find that the large amount of details (and warnings) are a big hurdle.

  • Lilia Apr 8, 2021 Link Reply

    I’ve crashed my adrenals after taking thyroid medication and it’s been awful. I started doing QiGong about 8 months ago and doing accupuncture treatments along with drinking Chinese herbs. I’m feeling so much better and stronger. I also think that QiGong has contributed to my recovery, I usually feel like I just came back from a vacation after doing a session. I’m following Lee Holden’s routines on Youtube (and I found your blog by googling “Qigong+Adrenal fatigue”):)

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